Sandy Meadow Farm Obedience School
342 Union Street Westfield, Ma 01085
ph: (413) 572 - 4936

The following 4 week mini classes are being offered for dog/handler teams that have completed at least a basic level course.. Cost for all classes is $125.00 and most classes will fill with 4 - 6 dogs. Please copy and paste the registration form below and send it back to us to reserve a spot in the class of your choice. 

POLITE POOCH: This class will focus on exercises designed to improve skills when out and about from your home  including polite on leash pass by's with other dogs, appropriate on leash meet and greets with visitors, touching/handling skills with new people, and comfort and social acceptance of environmental stimuli ( wheelchair, stroller, skateboard, etc).  Class Dates: 

  • Thursday, May 23, 2024 from 5:15 - 6:00 pm with Anne


COURAGEOUS CANINE: Is your dog easily frightened by new people or new situations? Is he afraid to approach everyday items in his environment? Are other dogs a bit scary for her? Would you like to be able to help your dog build confidence and understand his/her worries a bit better? The courageous canine class is designed to develop foundation skills that will help you safely manage and support your fearful dog. Class time: 

  • TBA

HOUSEHOLD HELPERS: Want to work on your at home skills with your dog? Let us help you continue to improve some of your basic skills plus introduce some new ones including: Find your mat with increased duration and distractions, door knock/doorbell response training, functional stays, increased Leave It proficiency, husbandry skils and "Thank You/Drop It" cues.

Class times:  

  • Saturday, August 3, 2024 from 11:00 - 11:45 am with Missy   


Learn about Rally obedience and get ready to earn titles with your dog! Or just come enjoy working your dog in a venue that builds teamwork and communication.  Rally obedience is a sport that lets you and your dog navigate a predesigned course filled with signs indicating various exercises and skills. This is a fun way to  build a better relationship with  your dog whether you have a desire to compete or not. Prerequisite is successful completion of a better manners course (or equivalent) with good leash skills. This course is 4 weeks long and will be limited to 5 working teams. Cost for this class is $125.00

Next Available Class Date:

  • TBD

SHAPING SKILLS: Shaping is a training technique that trains a dog to do something in small stages rather than all at once. You teach the dog to perform a new behavior by breaking it down into smaller parts.  Have your ever wondered about "clicker training"?  Or how to get complex behaviors like having your dog bring you a tissue when you sneeze? Shaping is a great way to fine tune your training relationship with your dog while you create behaviors from scratch using your dog's natural ability to learn.

Class Time: TBA

 DANCING WITH YOUR DOGLearn how to take the skills you have learned (while acquiring some new ones) and turn them into a choreographed routine set to music. A fun, relaxed, entertaining way to spend time with your dog while building confidence in you and your dog as a working team.  No previous dancing experience necessary from either end of the leash!!  

Class time: 

  • TBA
MINI TRICK CLASS: Get the entire family involved with training from the comfort of your home while your dog learns how to shake, wave, high five, crawl, play dead, roll over, beg, be sad, weave, spin, clean up his toys, and/or roll his ball .  Class meets for 4 weeks - maximum class size is 5 dogs.   
Class Time: 
                    Level 1:     Next Class Time: September 12, 2024 from 9:15 - 10:00 am with Jim

CGC BRUSH UP CLASS:  Did you take the CGC test but struggled with a few of the exercises? The 4 week brush up class will focus on the more challenging exercises for most dogs including the dog to dog meet and greet, the stranger approach, and the grooming exercise. Other exercises will be reviewed as determined by the dogs attending.
Next class:  TBA
MINI SNIFFERS SKILLS : How good is your dog's nose? Does he love to search for prizes in your yard and follow his nose on your walks? Come learn how to team up with your dog to utilize his/her amazing sense of smell and desire to hunt to find specific items and scents. Based on scent detection training, Sniffer Skills will focus on teaching you how to encourage and develop your dog's natural sense of smell while building confidence, focus and burning mental energy.  This is a class that can be enjoyed by dogs of any age, but dogs must be able to be safely crated or left in your vehicle while classmate dogs are working.  If your dog loves food, toys, attention, and games, then your dog will LOVE Sniffer Skills! Class meets for 4 weeks - Cost $125.00  Maximum class size - 5 dogs

Next class time: 

Level 1: 

  • TBA

Level 2: 

  • TBA

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CLASS CHOICE:       ____  Polite Pooch            Course date/time: ______________________________      
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                                  ____ Household Helpers      Course date/time:  ______________________________
                                  ____ Shaping Skill               Course date/time:  _____________________________
                                  ____ Dancing Dog               Course date/time:  ______________________________
                                  ____ Mini Rally                    Course date/time:  ______________________________
                                  ____ Mini Trick                     Course date/time:________________________   

                                  _____Courageous Canine     Course date/time:   ____________________________
                                   _____ CGC Brush Up          Course date/time:______________________________
                                 _____  Sniffers Skills             Course date/time: ______________________________